School Plays and Concerts


Year  PlayRemarksAdditional Information
1920Tom Cobb  
1922The Merchant of Venice  
1924Julius Caesar  
1925Tilly of Bloomsbury  
1926An Enemy of the People  
1928Arms and the Man  
1929The Great Adventure  
1930Twelfth Night  
1931Androcles and the Lion  
1932She Stoops to Conquer  
1933Yellow Sands  
1934What The Public Wants  
1935The Return of the Prodigal  
1936The Fourth Wall  
1937A Midsummer Night's Dream  
1939Arms and the Man  
1940The Rivals  
1944The Old BullProduced by Miss Morris 
1944The Thread of ScarletProduced by Mr. Smith 
1946Tantivy Towers  
1948The RivalsProduced by Mr. G. W. CretneyMore...
1950Twelth NightProduced by Mr. WebsterMore...
1952Henry VProduced by Mr. Webster 
1954She Stoops to Conquer  
1956Julius CaesarProduced by Mr. J. WebsterMore...
1958The RivalsProduced by Alan DurbandMore...
1960Saint JoanProduced by Alan DurbandMore...
1962The Servant of Two Masters Magazine p.46
1964Merchant of VeniceProduced by Mr. H. G. B. ToobeMore...
19651) A Masque of Aesop
2) The Exception and The Rule
Both produced by Mr. J. E. SharpeMore...
1966The Yeomen of the GuardProduced by Mr. H. B. JonesMore...
1966A Concert of MusicPresented by the Music ClubMore...
1966A Programme of Music for ChristmasPresented by the Choral SocietyMore...
1967Billy BuddProduced by Mr. J. E. SharpMore...
19681) Androcles and the Lion
2) Passion, Poison and Petrification,
or the Fatal Gazogene
Produced by Mr. T. Cummings1)  More...
ELAN p.10
1969LutherProduced by Mr. T. CummingsMore...
1970Baron Bolligrew  
1972The Life of GalileoProduced by Mr. T. Cummings
"We had a couple of girls from Blackburne House
play the female roles - quite an innovation for the time!"
Jim Gristenthwaite.
ELAN p.11
1976She Stoops to Conquer  
1977 Harvey Produced by Mr. P. Kenny
Presented by the Liverpool Institute & Blackburne House
Drama Society