1968 School Play


Androcles and the Lion

Photos provided by William Leece


Stuart Clark (1964 - 1970) writes:

I was a swineherd (or similar) and my costume was a rough peasant toga, smeared with evocative stains to suggest my occupation.

Ian Pearson (1964 - 1970) writes:

It definitely was 1968 I've a copy of Elan for that year with the writeup in it.

Picture top left from left to right servants in the backgroud but can't tell which is which, then Captain Francis Masserick, next Lentulus Peter Rimmer and Myself Metellus.

Top Right Picture Can't tell the four on the left think the middle three are the soldiers. Dave Mckitterick is in the dark toga climbing the stairs with Pete and myself behind him.

Middle left is a bit too dark to be certain but I think Megaera eric Griffiths is third from left and Androcles Steve Kenny fourth from left

Pete Rimmer is fourth from right Dave Mckitterick third from right and myself second from right.

Middle right picture is Pete on right and Me on left.

Bottom picture is Captain sitting Francis Massey Centurion Raymond Hodges on his right and then Megaera Eric Griffiths on his right but can't remember who is on far right.

Programme provided by George Howe