Staff, 1979

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Wally Owen Dennis Gleave Bob Keating Bob (Borneo Bill) Peters Mick Mills Bill (Wobbo) Robinson John Barry John Cresswell Mr. Brown Jack Sweeney Rod Lea Anton Walker Frank Eastham Keith Williams John Cooke Vic Wilson Mr. Lloyd Dave Mason Peter Clarke John Day John McCormack Geoff Mockler Harry Toothill John Newall Terry Dickinson Angela Gianota (later Duffy) Barbara Drozd (later Charles) Pauline (Pip) Molyneux Dixie Devereux Bert L. Parker, Headmaster H.G.B. Toobe Joan Smith Elke Sattler Ros Malkin Eric Higgins
Photo provided by Anton Walker

Note recieved from Miss Elke Sattler, 28-Jan-2017

"Whilst browsing the net this morning, I came across the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys' web page. Thank you for looking after the documentation of the schools history, as it is also a part of my personal history (including Paul McCartney's concert). In 1978/79 I was a teaching assistent for German to Mr Clarke.

The third person from the right in the front row is not a Miss Clarke, but me (Elke Sattler, from Bielefeld, Germany)! Guess how surprised I was to find such an old photo connected to my life on the internet. Thanks again."

Names shown in italics have yet to be confirmed.

Barry, J.
Clarke, P.
Sattlet, Miss E.
Cooke, J.
Cresswell, J.
Day, J.
Devereux, D.
Dickinson, T.
Drozd, Miss B.
Eastham, F.
Gianota, Miss A.
Gleave, D.
Higgins, E.
Keating, B.
Lea, R.
Malkin, Miss R.
Mason, D.
McCormack, J.
Mills, M.
Mockler, G.
Molyneux, Miss P.
Newall, J.
Owen, W.
Parker, B.L.
Peters, B.
Robinson, B.
Sattler, Miss E.
Smith, Miss J.
Sweeney, J.
Toobe, H.G.B.
Toothill, H.
Walker, A.
Williams, K.
Wilson, V.