Staff, 1935

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F.W. Reece G.F. Purvis Dolland C.S. Chapman H.A. Baxter A.E. Bradshaw B.M.R. Folland A.V.G. Killingly C.H.N. Moore L.G. Young A.S.C. Barnard A.F. Moy G.D. Roberts D. Willott W.T. Rawlinson H. Stell G.D. Ellis S.J. Elliot Pollard G.C. Ledger W.J. Hart A. Thorpe H. Bartlett S. Wormold W.H. Jones H.M. Brown L.A. Naylor Miss M.I. Wilson W. Willis Miss D.N. Makins W. Peters S.V. Brown J.R. Edwards, Headmaster E.W. Hicks A.W.H. Thomas Miss L.I.S. Williamson W.H. Doughty Miss K. Robertson
Photo provided by George Lucy

Names shown in italics have yet to be confirmed.

Barnard, A.S.C.
Bartlett, H.
Baxter, H.A.
Bradshaw, A.E.
Brown, H.M.
Brown, S.V.
Chapman, C.S.
Doughty, W.H.
Edwards, J.R.
Elliot, S.J.
Ellis, G.D.
Folland, B.M.R.
Hart, W.J.
Hicks, E.W.
Jones, W.H.
Killingly, A.V.G.
Ledger, G.C.
Makins, Miss D.N.
Moore, C.H.N.
Moy, A.F.
Naylor, L.A.
Peters, W.
Purvis, G.F.
Rawlinson, W.T.
Reece, F.W.
Roberts, G.D.
Robertson, Miss K.
Stell, H.
Thomas, A.W.H.
Thorpe, A.
Williamson, Miss L.I.S.
Willis, W.
Willott, D.
Wilson, Miss M.I.
Wormold, S.
Young, L.G.