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  •  1962 
  •  1963 1ST XV 
  •  1964 1ST XV 
  •  1965 1ST XV 
  •  1967 
  •  1968 Staff vs. Boys 
  •  1970 First XV 

1962/63 Team

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Photo provided by Laurence (Lol) Kay

Back Row
Hubba Jones - Lloyd - 3 - 4 - Dave Henson

Middle Row
(Chowse) Muncaster - Ian? McNaughton - Ian McNab - Rod? Chambers - David Sugden - Jack Sweeney

Front Row
Taffy Owen - Paul Rees - Dave Rawlinson - Tony Martinez, Captain
Andy? Goodfellow - Keith Pine - Laurence (Lol) Kay

Keith Pine writes:

Teacher on left is Hubba Jones (I think he taught english). The teacher on right needs no introduction for many, but just in case you missed him at school, he is Jack Sweeney (foreign languages), the most inspirational teacher I ever knew!

Interestingly - several of these chaps had brothers at the school - Tony Martinez, Rod Chambers, Lloyd, Lol Kay and David Henson; maybe McNaughton too.

Inny Rugby?

Well, we weren't very good - about the same level as Quarry Bank, Hillfoot Hey, Cardinal Allen and Gateacre Comprehensive. After all, footie, cross country and hockey had a strong grip on Saturday morning sports before rugby ever began. Just not up to the Collegiate's standard, Upholland or Ormskirk. Only ever allowed to play St. Eddies seconds, Wade Deacon Grammar (Widnes) seconds and Cowley (St Helens) seconds. They were good rugby playing schools. Met up with some of their "star" lads several years later when I joined Liverpool RUFC, they were getting England trials; I was getting a trial for SE Lancs! Need I say more? By the way, I never regretted taking to rugby - a great sport. I have traveled the world with it, from France to Fiji, good friends all over. Doubt I would ever have got that experience through footie!

Dave (The Hit Man) Henson was a NCB mining engineer, now retired and living in Greater Manchester. His brother Bobby Henson became a chemmie teacher; I last met him in the East Neuk of Fife, 20 years ago. Paul Rees was a fine athlete, we were in the athletics team together. Dave Rawlinson was a nutter on the pitch - didn't know his own strength. "Chouse" Muncaster, David Henson a pair of "gentle giants"!

1963/64 1ST XV

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Photo provided by Keith Pine

Back Row
W.F. Roby - Morris? - R.J. Chambers - Owen - 5 - Dave Henson
Peter Worthington - Lloyd - Dave Rawlinson - Paul Rees - Ray Davies

Front Row
K. Pine - W.T. Shaw - N.W McNaughton - S. Elsworthy, Vice Captain - A.R. Martinez, Captain
A.W. McGeorge - Ian McNabb - L.E. Kay - A. Goodfellow

1964/65 1ST XV

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Photo provided by Jack Sweeney's niece, Gillian Williams.

Back Row
Hubba Jones - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Middle Row
6 - Ian? McNaughton - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Jack Sweeney

Front Row
12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18

1965/66 1ST XV

Photo provided by

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Photo provided by Fred Oldfield (L.I. 1960 - 1967)

Back Row
Chris Smith - Mick Tickle - Chambers - Dave Rawlinson - McNab - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Muncaster

Front Row
Bill Burdett - Capek - Peter Facey - Owen - Goodfellow - Pine - Alfie Halliburton - Paul Rees - 19

Chris Smith (61-69) writes:

I am on left end of the backrow as you look at it. One leg bent to kneel on the bench whilst standing. I distinctly remember that I was instructed to do that but forget the "why".


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Photo provided by Paul Gilbert

Back Row
Martin (Neddy) Brayne - Bob Drillsma - 3 - Martin Williams - M.J. (Mick) McCormick, vice-captain
6 - P.W. (Daddio) Read - Richard Jackson - C.J. (Cow) Jones -

Front Row
Arthur Ellis - Neil Johnston - Banks - R.M. Blaquière, captain
Paul Gilbert - Rod (Tazzer) Taylor - Malcolm Ritchie

Photo provided by Chris Smith (L.I. 1961-1969)

Back Row
J.C. (Jeff) Smith - 2 - 3 - C.J. Jones - Richard Jackson - Mike McCormick
Jimmy Riding - C.J. (Chris) Smith - 9 - Malcolm Ritchie

Front Row
Paul Rees - Richard Blaquiere - John Wignall - Pete Facey - (Taffy) Owen
16 - Barry " Bazza" Horne - Paul Gilbert

Chris writes:

A report in ELAN V3.1 written by Richard Blaquière, states that C. J. Jones and C. J. Smith went to the S.W. Lances trials. I recall that and playing at a trial in Waterloo but Chris Jones is not mentioned in my 1968 Green Book so I assume that he left in 1967/8 whilst I went into the 3rd year 6th so this photograph is probably 1967 when Richard Jackson might have been captain before Mal Ritchie.

Unfortunately I have no photographs of earlier teams although I played from 1966.

1968 Staff vs. Boys


Photo provided by Martin Brayne

Martin writes:

Staff vs. Boys Rugby match at Mersey Road circa 1968.

Mike Kingman (staff) wins the ball from the line-out.

To his right, me, (hooped socks) and behind me in white shirt, dark shorts - Jeremy Eyre (Latin).

Extreme left (all white) - Robin Hunt (Spanish) and to his right one of the Brandons (S.W.A., I think), a sixth-former playing scrum-half for us.

1970 1st XV


Photo provided by John Kennedy

Back row:
A. (Sam) Stretch, PE & Geography Teacher - J.A. Hine - Peter (Sid) Smith - D. Wood - P. Alcock
Keith Wescot - S.N. (Billy) Dainty - John Kennedy - Peter G. Gibbs

Front row:
K.H. Tan - M. Clift - John Mellor - P.T.R. (Dutch) Holland, Captain
Chris R. Smith, Vice-Captain - Paul Reilly - Nick Poland - Mike Cousins

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Half Colours

Half colours were awarded at the end of the season. To be awarded half colours, you had to have played for the first team for the majority of the season's fixtures.

Full Colours

Full colours were only awarded after consistently good performance as judged by the captain and the relevant master in charge.