Panora Limited.


The school photographs were taken by Panora Limited of Clerkenwell, London.

The March 1920 edition of the school magazine reported:

On Monday, March 1st, a pleasant morning was spent in the upper yard amongst a multitude of desks and chairs, when a photographer (with no little risk to his camera, we fear) ventured to take a photograph of the School massed in semi-circularblock formation, and mustered in due array 'neath a summer sky. Under the able guidance of Capt. Ellis and several N.C.O.'s. the School were duly sized, and were photographed with the mischievous sunbeams playing upon their more or less beautiful faces.

According to The Greater Manchester County Record Office, the Panora negatives were deposited with the Documentary Photography Archive (DPA) in 1986 by the managing director of the firm who had sold his business but retained the negatives. They are dated from 29 September 1968 to 30 July 1985. Earlier negatives have not survived. Mr. Roy Fraser has kindly given his permission for the images to be used.

As copyright holder for all images relating to Panora, I am happy for you to source and use, for whatever purpose, images relating to The Liverpool Institute. You may also copy any pictures you find bearing the Panora trademark.
   Yours sincerely,
   Roy Fraser

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It is believed that there were no panorama photos taken of the boys school between 1949 and 1955.

1956 Lower School

1956 Upper School

1960 Lower School

1960 Upper School

1962 Lower School

1962 Upper School