Mini Reunions

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Nanaimo - Canada, 2002



J. Garrett - H. Malabar - S.J. Norris - D. Hall - H. Moore - M. Swenson - R. Miller - B. Elman - ?

Texas 2004

Graham Baker - Alan Cadel - Alan Ward - Geoff Southern

Vancouver 2005

Abrahams, Sullivan, Whittaker, Gard, Shaw, Spenley, Dinwoodie, Cannell
Barter, Snowdon, Kendrick, Barker, Ashcroft

Tsawwassen, British Columbia, 2006

John Shaw - Snowdon - Spenley - Ken Ashcroft - Keith Dinwoodie
Barker - Dave Aspinall - Mike Norris - Bill Gard

This 2006 mini reunion was held in Tsawwassen BC, hosted by Keith Dinwoodie.

The September 1957 Gang - 50 years on!

Names can be viewed by placing your cursor over a face or, in some cases, just part of the head!

1 - Barry Latham 2 - Philip Osborne 3 - Dave Rock 4 - Ken Georgeson 5 - Pete Cail 6 - Barry Woods 7 - Bill Grove 8 - John Harrocks 9 - Graham Ross 10 - Robert Hands 11 - Bob Kendall 12 - Gareth Huston 13 - Edward Abenson 14 - Ken Webster 15 - Mike Graham 16 - Kevan Robinson 17 - Stuart Elsworthy 18 - Sandy Bradbrook 19 - Bob Woosey 20 - John McGoldrick 21 - Len Gillam 22 - Les Hampson 23 - George Sephton 24 - Mark Featherstone-Witty, Chief Executive of LIPA 25 - Charles Savage 26 - Tony Martinez 27 - Stan Sille 28 - Paul Rivers 29 - Bruce Armstrong 30 - John Crane 31 - Colin Balmer 32 - John Bridge 33 - Barry Davidson 34 - Jack Sweeney (Former Teacher) 35 - Pete Rooney 36 - Malcolm Orr 37 - Leigh Edwards 38 - Ian McGowan 39 - Alan McCubbin 40 - Fred Bilson (Former Teacher) 41 - Dave Mottram 42 - Ray Cowin

2nd November 2007
Photo and names provided by Ken Georgeson

Ken writes:

"I have not long returned from LIPA having spent an evening full (brimming over even) of nostalgia and celebration in the company of some 38 old boys and 2 masters (Jack Sweeney and Fred Bilson) who had gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of us entering the Innie as newts. It started around 5pm with a few of us, around a dozen, enjoying a couple of pints in Ye Cracke. Then having ventured into LIPA around 7pm we, the gathered throng who first entered the Innie on 10th September 1957, rejoiced at meeting old friends whom most of us had not set eyes on for almost 45 years. After a meet and greet in the LIPA bar, where handshakes and fond hellos were the order of the day (despite the passing years many were instantly recognisable but for a few the named lapel badges were of assistance), we proceeded into the Hall. There, after a short introduction by Mark Featherstone-Witty, the Chief Executive of LIPA, we were treated to a showing of the black and white film made by Paul McCartney in the late 80s when he walked and talked his way around his old school in its then decaying state (it having closed in 1984). I think that will be a must have for many of us now (eBay?). We were then shown a a couple of LIPA promotional films recounting the founding of LIPA and its ensuing success. A couple of well wisher messages were read out from a couple of head boys of our time ~ Messrs Peter Sissons and Steven Norris ~ before we proceeded to the Main Entrance area to enable a few photos to be taken as a permanent record of our night. We then returned to the bar, to sample the buffet and wine laid out for us, and continue to catch up as best we could on forty or more years of lost contact. A number of the gathering went on guided tours of the building, they not having set foot in the place since the early 1960s.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, said what a fantastic night it was. We must do it again said many ~ when, in 2057 perhaps? Sooner hopefully. There are probably a few stragglers who, as I write, are now out sampling the nightlife of scouseland but I am off to bed but carrying with me the memory of a fabulous night.

My sincere thanks go out to each and everyone who took the time out to travel and attend our 57.3 reunion. If you weren't there then you missed a great night."

...and then it snowed!

George Sephton - Mike Norton - Jim Lycett - Alan Lloyd

Photo provided by Geoff Southern

Jim: "Hey fellas - when did you get home? After I left you in the pub I waited an hour with lots of other folk for a bus to take me home - they had almost all stopped running due to the snowfall. Eventually a bus came that would take us through the tunnel as far as Birkenhead - from there it was a march in 4 to 6 inch deep snow for two and a quarter hours from Birkenhead to Heswall. Good exercise - got in at 11:15pm - now feeling a bit stiff after a coffee and a bite to eat."

George: "Blimey Jim, I look forward to hearing from the three Must-Get-Beers now! I drove at a steady 15-20 MPH after I'd got past the tunnel entrance and diverted down Hatton Garden. Took me about an hour. Nerve-wracking but I made it."

Mike: "Waited about 15 minutes with lots of other people, then decided buses had stopped - darned 'elf 'n safety! - so walked down to James Street and got a train to Hamilton Square. Queue at taxi rank and only one taxi in first twenty minutes, so phoned a friend and as luck would have it, he was already on his way to pick up his wife from Oxton, so said he'd call at Hamilton Square on way back. Had to wait quite a while and couldn't feel my toes by the time he got there. Went back to his house had coffee laced with brandy...nice."

Geoff: "I was more fortunate with my home journey. I left the pub and arrived in Queens Square at the same time as a double decker 79 bus. Brownlow Hill and Low Hill were iced up with cars sliding all over the place. Thankfully I arrived home after about an hour and a half."

2012 - Newts in 1957!

Names can be viewed by placing your cursor over a face or, in some cases, just part of the head!

1 - Julian Linskill 2 - Charles Savage 3 - Bob Kendall 4 - Pete Rooney 5 - John Harrocks 6 - Bill Grove 7 - John Herd 8 - Bob Woods 9 - John Crane 10 - Pete Cail 11 - Glyn Huston 12 - John Bridge 13 - Malcolm Orr (?) 14 - Les Hampson (?) 15 - Ed Abenson 16 - Ken Quirk 17 - George Sephton 18 - Graham Ross 19 - Phil Rivers 20 - Ken Georgeson 21 - Mike Graham 22 - Dave Rock 23 - Ray Cowin 24 - Alan Brown

Photo from Bob Woods (L.I. 1957-1963)

Names, left to right, from Ken Georgeson:
Julian Linskill - Charles Savage - Bob Kendall - Pete Rooney - John Harrocks - Bill Grove - John Herd - Bob Woods
John Crane - Pete Cail - Glyn Huston - John Bridge - Malcolm Orr(?) - Les Hampson(?) - Ed Abenson - Ken Quirk
George Sephton - Graham Ross - Phil Rivers - Ken Georgeson - Mike Graham - Dave Rock - Ray Cowin - Alan Brown

Ken Georgeson writes:

"There were a few other attendees not pictured here. The occasion was the 55th anniversary reunion of 57.3 entrants held at LIPA on Friday 26th October 2012. A follow up to our 50th, held on 2nd November 2007. The 60th anniversary will, I hope, be held sometime around October 2017 ~ if George S and I are still around to organise!"

2013 - The 1963 intake vist LIPA

Ray Harcombe Phil Dando Les Latham Neil Johnston William Leece Paul Gilbert Keith Flower Peter (Alfie) White

Left to right

Ray Harcombe - Phil Dando - Les Latham - Neil Johnston
William Leece - Paul Gilbert - Keith Flower - Peter "Alfie" White

Lunch in the canteen which is in the same place as they had school dinners.

Les Latham, Keith Flower, Alfie White, Paul Gilbert and Phil Dando
starting to get a bit raucous in Ye Cracke!

November 2016

1 - Alan Clegg 2 - Iain Taylor 3 - Nan Taylor 4 - David Pierce 5 - Tony Henwood 6 - Gordon Farnworth 7 - Mike Norton

Left to right

Alan Clegg - Iain Taylor - Nan Taylor - David Pierce - Tony Henwood - Gordon Farnworth - Mike Norton

1 - Tony Henwood 2 - Gordon Farnworth 3 - Mike Norton 4 - Geoff Southern

Left to right

Tony Henwood - Gordon Farnworth - Mike Norton - Geoff Southern - Alan Clegg

17th November 2017

1 - John Herd 2 - Les Hampson 3 - Stuart Elsworthy 4 - Chris Keenan 5 - ? 6 - ? 7 - Julian Linskill 8 - John Crane 9 - Mike Drew 10 - ? 11 - Malcolm Orr 12 - Roger Brown 13 - Kevan Robinson 14 - ? 15 - ? 16 - Ken Webster 17 - MikeCooper 18 - Ken Georgeson 19 - Eric Smith 20 - Sandy Bradbrook 21 - Philip Osborne 22 - Barry Woods 23 - Meyrick Hadfield 24 - Bill Grove 25 - David Hulin 26 - Barry Davidson 27 - George Sephton 28 - John Harrocks 29 - Pete Rooney 30 - Bob Kendall 31 - Ken Quirk 32 - ? 33 - Gareth Huston

Photo provided by Ken Georgeson.

John Herd - Les Hampson - Stuart Elsworthy - Chris Keenan - 5 - 6 - Julian Linskill

John Crane - Mike Drew - 10 - Malcolm Orr - Roger Brown - Kevan Robinson - 14 - 15 - Ken Webster - MikeCooper

Ken Georgeson - Eric Smith - Sandy Bradbrook - Philip Osborne - Barry Woods - Meyrick Hadfield - Bill Grove - David Hulin - Barry Davidson

George Sephton - John Harrocks - Pete Rooney - Bob Kendall - Ken Quirk - 32 - Gareth Huston

Ken Georgeson writes:

Last Friday evening some 27 Liobians came together, along with half a dozen wives and partners, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our entering the Innie back in September 1957. The photo was taken in the John Lennon Lecture Theatre, which is situated in the wing of the Art College, now forming part of LIPA. We assembled there, in the company of Mark Featerstone-Witty (Founding Principal/LIPA CEO), to watch a video portraying the founding of LIPA together with the video that shows Macca doing his walk around the old school (late 80s/early 90s) prior to the magnificent refurbishment that is is now LIPA. Mark told us he'd been speaking to Sir Paul earlier in the week and had mentioned our reunion. Paul had asked that MF-W pass on his best wishes.

This is our third gathering, following on as it does from our extremely successful 50th anniversary meet up, back in November 2007, and similar 55th anniversary, in October2012. The evening started, and ended, for many with a visit to Ye Cracke, interupted, naturally, by a couple of visits to the LIPA bar and the event also included a sumptuous buffet laid on by LIPA. A really top night!

When George Sephton and myself set about organising a 57.3 reunion back in July 2007, following an initial email exchange with Mike Graham, who planted the seed, we never remotely thought that we could gather so many of our contemporaries together for such a celebration, never mind it move on to our holding three! If we're still here, fingers crossed, we'll do our best to hold a fourth in 2022.

September 2017

1 - Trevor Williams 2 - David McCullough 3 - Alan Phair 4 - Phil Freckleton 5 - Phil Melia 6 - Ian Paul Bostock 7 - William Cave 8 - Colin Rogers

Photo provided by Steve Wells from Trevor William's Facebook page.

Steve Wells writes:

Sadly could not be there.

Starting with gent in school tie and working clockwise:

Trevor Williams - David McCullough - Alan Phair - Phil Freckleton - Phil Melia - Ian Paul Bostock - William Caveand
Colin (Cro) Rogers, who likely sat his Russian A level facing the back of the class with his Parker on back to front pulling that face!

All departed around 1981.