Caps, shirts, ties and other items of clothing.

Assorted Items

Photos provided by Stanley Cook.

Stanley writes:

"I still have my school cap, dark blue with the green ring, from my time at the school - 1933 to 1937. When I first went to the Inny, the school badge was a green Capital L with a Capital I across but this was changed during my time there. I don't know whether it was was at the Baz's instigation or before Symonds left."

School Tie


Photos provided by Richard Shannon.

Richard writes:

"On the point of school ties, I actually have two. The standard one that you could buy in the shops, and an extra thin one, that I made my mother take in.

In the early 80s the fashion and music scene was all about the modern romantics. Spandau Ballet, Wham, Human League, Duran Duran, etc. The point being that the fashion of the time was to wear you school tie as thin as you could get it, in a pencil tie style. Worn thin end showing, and the fat end tucked into your shirt at the top button.

At the end of one particular year, my pencil ties came to an unsavoury end, as someone (I can't remember who) cut off the end of my tie with scissors. A schoolboy jape as old as the hills."

School Cap

Photo provided by David Miller.

The following historicalnotes provided by Iain Taylor:

Browsing the magazine of February 1939 for the School History project, I find inter alia (p. 24/25) the following:

July 1896
"new school caps appear - indigo serge cap; with a badge worked with the letters L.I. in white for the High School, red of the Commercial."

Dec. 1909
"The new caps coloured green in the High School, red in the Commercial. For straw hats bands are obtainable, green and blue diagonal stripes in the High School, red and blue in the Commercial School. Prefects are allowed the privilege of decorating their caps with silver braid."

Pygmies Shirt

Photo provided by Robin Hooson.

Liobian Items


Photos provided by Colin Ridgeway.