Heraldic Shield

Owned and photographed by John B. Crane

The following is a précis of the information received from John Crane, John Missenden and Doug Whittaker:

  • The shield measures seven and one twentieth of an inch high and five and nine tenths of an inch wide.

  • The design is registered at the College of Heraldry.

  • G. K. Beaulah & Co. Ltd., in Hull, are the real specialists in making such products. They are licensed to copy official heraldry and would hand paint the design if required.

  • The background colour of blue, not green, is correct as blue was the original Liverpool Institute colour. Green was only introduced to distinguish the grammar school pupils from the others. Eventually, as the school made the transition to only grammar school pupils, the original blue disappeared.

The translation of the School Motto, as shown on our Home page, can be found in "An_Introduction_to_Heraldry" on page 309. (Page 392 of the pdf.)