School Prizes

  •  Awarded to H.W. Carter 
  •  Awarded to H.A. Whitaker 

School Prize Awarded to H.W. Carter in 1898.

This school prize for Diligence and Good Conduct was awarded to H.W. Carter in 1898.
The certificate is signed by W.C. Fletcher; Headmaster at that time.

Brian Reynolds writes (23rd March, 2006):

Today I purchased a copy of Scott's Poetical Works. Nothing special about the book as it is an 'Albion' edition and was printed by Morrison & Gibb, Edinburgh. It's bound in soft brown leather with gold embossing, nice endpapers in brown and gold The top, bottom and fore-edges are gilded. The binding is very good for a 108 year old book; the only damage being at the top of the spine where it has been pulled off the shelf many times during its life and some rubbing around the edges.

Brian also has the following prizes:

  • 1906 - Forty One Years in India, awarded to A.P. Mackenzie and signed by H.V. Weisse
  • 1908 - Life of David Livingstone, awarded to Robert G. Mackenzie and signed by H.V.Weisse

and two other books:

  • Religious Medici and Other Essays by Sir Thomas Browne
  • The Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb

These books have a title page stating they are Books of the Verulam Club and are from the school library.

School Prize Awarded to H.A. Whitaker in 1910.

The William Durning Holt Prize for Physical Science - "The Golden Treasury" Palgrave, published in 1907
Awarded to Henry A. Whitaker and presented by H. V. Weisse.

Photos provided by Neville Hunter

Iain Taylor writes:

"The signature is that of Henry Victor Weisse - H. V. Whitehouse's pre-1917 Germanic name!
He uses the old German double S which looks somewhat like a dropped capital B!"