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Photo provided by William Leece

Teachers: Mr. Watson and Mr. MacDonald



Trip to the France, 1939

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Photo and names provided by James Varey (L.I. 1934-1941)

James writes:

The photo was taken in Bagnères de Bigorre.
Seated L to R: Tom Sanderson (Head Boy 1940/41), Walter Hugill.
Standing L to R: Jimmy McCulloch, CC Knowles, Ron Sutton, James Varey, Bob Pain.

An account of the 1939 trip to France for first year sixth form French students accompanied by Mr. Killingley was written up by Bob Pain and published in the February 1940 issue of the school magazine. (Page 16)

Trip to the Lake District with 'Percy' Rowell and 'Fanny' Bentliff, 1950

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Photo and names provided by Rowie Arno

Strasborg, 1958.


"Cliff" Edge - Mrs. Edge - "Jolly" Rogers

Les Trow - Ron Carridge - Martineau - Steve Healey

"Jolly" Rogers - Mrs. Edge - "Cliff" Edge


'Cultural Trip' to the Continent (Northern France) - Easter, 1963

Led by Walter and Rosemary Edge and Gareth Rogers

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1 - Neil McNaughton 2 3 - W. F. (Cliff) Edge 4 - John Harrocks 5 - Bill Grove 6 - John Cuthell 7 8 9 - Graham? Jackson 10 11 12 13 14 15 - Ian Leverton 16 - Malcolm Gratton 17 - Eric Tomlinson 18 - Peter Ainsworth 19 20 - Muncaster 21 - Alan Griffiths 22 23 24 25 - Alan McCubbin 26 27 - Newnes 28 29 - Gareth (Jolly) Rogers 30 - Peter Salmon 31 32 - Nick Bainbridge 33 34 35 36 - Ken Duckett 37

Photo provided by Bill Grove.

Bill writes:

For many years Walter Edge (and Rosemary) and Gareth Rogers used to take about 30 lads on Easter 'cultural' trips by coach to the continent. I went three times and the routine involved an overnight drive to Dover, breakfast by the harbour at the Dover Stage Motel (long gone), then embarkation to Calais or Boulogne. As we look quite perky, this picture was probably taken after breakfast, just before we drove to the ferry port.

Left to right: Neil McNaughton - 2 - W. F. (Cliff) Edge - John Harrocks - Bill Grove - John Cuthell - 7 - 8 - Graham? Jackson - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14
Ian Leverton - Malcolm Gratton - Eric Tomlinson - Peter Ainsworth - 19 - Muncaster - Alan Griffiths - 22 - 23 - 24 - Alan McCubbin - 26 - Newnes - 28
Gareth (Jolly) Rogers - Peter Salmon - 31
Front: Nick Bainbridge - 33 - 34 - 35 - Ken Duckett - 37

Peter Salmon writes:

I remember the trip well - although not this particular photo being taken. I recognise lots of faces but can only put names to the following:
16 - Malcolm Gratton (I think)
21 - Alan Griffiths
30 - me (56 - 63)

From memory, the coach broke down on the first day in Northern France, but the driver who was a great guy, fixed it and we went on our way.

The highlight of the trip was the visit on day 2 to Moet and Chandon ( I seem to remember that Cliff Edge had a connection with one of the Directors there which helped! We drove up a long gravel drive to their impressive HQ in Reims and there was a Jaguar 3.8 saloon belonging to Cliff's contact parked outside - it looked like an ad from a glossy mag!). I drove through Reims about 5 weeks ago but could not recognise the site - it was a long time ago!

After a guided tour around the caves we sampled our first glass and then piled into the coach to go to Epernay, where their vineyards and more importantly(!) at lunchtime the banqueting hall was located. We were met by the President of Moet no less, complete with black beret and cloak - he was a charming 85 year old and in his best English told us about how on that very spot, Moet had been developed by Dom Perignon many years earlier.

We then had a wonderfully straightforward and tasty lunch with as much champagne as we could drink!! I think we paid a nominal 10 old francs (or less) - I remember that we were told afterwards that 55 bottles had been drunk amongst the 57 or so who sat down - there were about 15 - 20 Moet people who joined us.

At about 4pm lunch was coming to an end and we wandered outside into sunshine. Two or three of us started to talk to the President, who told us about the progress that he had seen as a young man during one particular week of the first great war - pointing out where one group moved to on the hill opposite and the other side's subsequent reactions etc. It was absolutely fascinating and a day I shall never forget.

Sorry to have rambled on a bit - its difficult to stop when you have memories of such a fantastic day!

Somewhere I am sure I have 35mm slides of the trip - it might just encourage me to find them.

The Spanish Set, April 1963

Photo provided by John Snelson

John writes:

Left to Right:- Jarmen, Cartmel, John Snelson (yes, that's me!), Colin 'Yolly' Hunt, Jack Sweeney, Eddie Hands, Peter Salmon at centre front and a rather dour looking Gaston on front right.

The person missing is 'Tubby' Shaw, who may have taken the photograph, although I think I recall that the reason why Peter Salmon's tie is flying is that this might have been his camera, and he had set it on automatic and had to rush to his front seat ... in fact, I am sure that this is the reason ... so I dunno where 'Tubby' was on that day ... probably in the tuckshop. By the way, Peter Salmon was famous as being a person who could identify cars by the sounds of their engines as they went up Upper Duke Street ... without seeing the cars themselves ... he could tell the difference between a Mini, a mini Cooper and a red one! Amazing ... wonder wot 'appened to Pete?

Brunnen, Switzerland, 1964.

Trip led by Mr. Bowen.

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Photos provided by David Long

Mick Pappas writes:

I went on the Brunnen trip along with Rob Pickthorp and Les Gabriel from our class; I think it happened a few times.

My first time abroad and I remember:

  • the overnight train journey when we stayed up most of the night talking - there were girls on the same train;
  • snow up to 2 or 3 m high somewhere very misty;
  • the boat trip to Lucern and the bridge which has gone;
  • Zalin had a cine-camera taking film of which I spoiled at least 10 seconds (sorry Zalin);
  • Red River Valley playing incessantly on a juke box in a bar in which we could get served beer;
  • Rob Pickthorp giving chocolates to a girl he met there as she left on a train.

Mick Pappas (L.I. 1961-19xx)

Brunnen, Switzerland, Easter 1966.


Photos provided by Colin Hipwell

Colin writes:

The photos are of the Easter 1966 trip to Brunnen.

  1. D.G. Bentliffe and J.H. Sweeney
  2. Clockwise from the left: Messrs. B.H. Dobson, H.B. Jones, J.H. Sweeney, B.L. Parker and D.G. Bentliffe
  3. J.H. Sweeney and B.H. Dobson
  4. Charlie Cartmel
  5. Colin Hipwell

Russia 1967.

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1 - Doug Dinsdale 2 - Don Ingam 3 - Gregory 4 - Gerry Seiflow 5 - Phil Oldfield 6 - R.T. Jones 7 - Robin Limmack 8 - Rhys Davies 9 - Owens 10 - Paul Gilbert 11 - John Harold 12 - Nigel Richman 13 - Highton 14 - Neil Lewis 15 - Mike Ainsworth 16 - Mr. J.C. Legerd 17 - Mr. G. Simmonds

From left to right in photo:

Doug Drysdale - Don Ingham - Gregory - Gerry Seiflow - Philip Oldfield - R.T. Jones - Robin Limmack
Rhys Davies - Owens - Paul Gilbert - John Harold - Nigel Richman - Highton - Neil Lewis - Mike Ainsworth
Teachers: Mr. J.C. "Chris" Ledgerd and Mr. Geoff Simmonds

Cutting provided by Neil Lewis

Neil writes:

I came across the attached press cutting from the Liverpool Weekly News from March 1967 about the School Trip to Russia, Poland and Germany in April 1967. I remember the trip very clearly. Quite an adventure. I remember the faces but not the names to accompany them. However I do recall that others on the trip included: Bob Highton, R.T.Jones, Rhys Davies, Al Gregory, Robin Limmack and Pete Owens. We were joined on the trip by a group from a Bristol School(where Geoff had taught previously?).

Comment from Paul Gilbert (who may have additional pictures):

Absolutely amazing. It was the most incredible journey I ever took in some ways. You can just see my fringe at the back of that photo! I think Geoff Simmons put me at the back to hide my very long hair.

Robin Limmack writes:

I was allowed onto the trip, despite not being in the Russian language class. It kindled a life-long interest in Russia and Poland. In the period after the fall of the Communist bloc in Eastern Europe I was able to visit both countries on a number of occasions as part of the British Council 'Know How Fund', helping University and College lecturers adapt their teaching to 'western accounting and finance'. I was at the time Professor of Accountancy and Finance at the University of Stirling, Scotand and now live in semi-retirement in Carnoustie, opposite the golf courses.


Classics Trip to Greece and Rome, Summer 1968.

Photos provided by Chris White.

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On the ferry

Tom (Topcat) Cummings or possibly Tony Brandon, Brian (Dobbo) Dobson, Lennie Daniels,
Louie Moore, Chris Mothershaw, Mike Sugden and Colin Webster sitting down.

Tom Cummings Brian Dobson Lennie Daniels Chris Mothershaw Louie Moore Mike Sugden Colin Webster


The Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

1 - Pete Loughead 2 - Martin 'Neddy' Brayne 3 - Louie Moore 4 - Mike Sugden 5 - Tony Brandon? 6 - Phil Axelrod 7 - Colin Webster 8 - Keith Levin 9 - Phil Oldfield? 10 - J.C. Smith 11 - Lennie Daniels 12 - Brian Dobson 13 - Tom Cummings

Names from Chris White, Chris Mothershaw and Martin Brayne:

Standing left to right: Pete Loughead, Martin 'Neddy' Brayne, Louie Moore (Marilyn Munroe pose), Mike Sugden (white shirt), Tony Brandon (blue shirt), Phil Axelrod in the brown hat, Colin Webster (head against pillar), possibly Keith Levin in front of Webster and I have no idea on the other one.

Sitting at front left to right: Don't know who is wearing the brown shirt, Lennie Daniels in Blue shirt, Dobbo in orange shirt, Tom (Topcat) Cummings in Jacket.

Unidentified pupil in brown shirt is J.C. Smith (later of Christ Church, Oxford). Regards, Martin 'Neddy' Brayne

Form 2C's Trip to London, 1973

Photo provided by Alan Cartwright

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1 - 2 - 3 - Alan Cartwright 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

Alan writes:

Just found this picture of our class 2C. I think the year was 1973 on a trip to London organised by Mr Lloyd. I am on the left hand side of the photo with the 'kiss curl' hair style.

Off to Russia, June 1978

Photo provided by Ian Bennett

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1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -

Left to Right

1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Barbara Drozd - Ged Charles

Ian Bennett writes:

Start of the journey at Lime Street station. Photo from the Echo of school trip to Russia.

Q. Ian - are these all innie lads? Steve Wells

A. All Bar 1. Quickly on end left was West Derby. Only Rojo & me from our year. I remember most of them. Ramsey, Cutts, Gus, Pettigrew, Plant, Noone, George Davies, Barbara Drozd, Ged Charles.

Trip to Port Erin, Isle of Man, June 1985

Photos provided by Richard Shannon

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1 - 2 - J. Dillsworth 3 - Neil Shawcross 4 - Richard Shannon 5 - 6 - Gordon Haslam 7 - Neil Clayton 8 - Yuk Minh Ho

1 - Yuk Minh Ho 2 - J. Dillsworth 3 - 4 - Neil Shawcross 5 - 6 - Gordon Haslam 7 - 8 - Richard Shannon 9 - Neil Clayton

Richard writes:

This was probably the last trip from the school in 1985, the final year, before the students moved to University Community Comprehensive on Paddington. The photo's are the originals but are quite poor quality. I think they may of been taken on one of those cheap disposable camera's. There's a couple of students I can't remember names for, and I think the guy on the left in the green army jacket is one of the Inny Chemistry Lab technicians, who was along to make up the numbers.

Isle of Man

Photo provided by Anton Walker

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