Distribution of Prizes and Speech Day Programmes

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The name of the event changed from Distribution of Prizes to Speech Day sometime between 1950 and 1953.

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NOTES provided by Iain Taylor:

1935 Distribution of Prizes

Oliver Frederick George Stanley, MC (1896-950): Prominent Conservative politician and second son of the 17th Earl Derby. Officer in Lancs. Hussars in First War, M.P. for Westmorland and later Bristol West. Held several ministerial posts from 1933 until 1945. Was Chancellor of the University of Liverpool (ODNB).

1937 Distribution of Prizes

William Teulon Swan Stallybrass [formerly Sonnenschein], (1883-1948): a barrister, Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford from 1936 and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1947, just before his death. Author of A society of states, sovereignty, independence and equality in a league of nations, 1919. He died unexpectedly in a railway accident when he stepped out of a moving train in Iver, Bucks. He was almost blind at the time. (ODNB).

1938 Distribution of Prizes

Albert Augustus David (1867-1950) chaplain to Francis Chavasse, Headmaster of Rugby School, 1909 - 1921. Bishop of Liverpool 1923 to 1944.

1945 Distribution of Prizes

Prof. James F. Mountford (1897-1979) was a Prof. of Latin, then Vice Chancellor, of University of Liverpool 1945 to 1963. He was an alumnus of West Bromwich Grammar School. He died in 1979.

1947 Distribution of Prizes

Sir David Maxwell Fyfe M.P. was M.P. for Liverpool West Derby and served at the Nuremburg trials of leading Nazis and led the cross-examination of Hermann Göring. He was later made Home Secretary and as Lord Kilmuir the Lord Chancellor. He died on 27 Jan. 1967.

1950 Distribution of Prizes

The Rt. Rev. H. Gresford Jones D.D. (1870-1958) He was the third .[1] began his career with a Curacy at St Helen's Parish Church, Sefton, before Incumbencies at St. Michael's-in-the-Hamlet, Liverpool and St John's. From there he rose rapidly to posts including the Archdeacon of Sheffield; the first Suffragan Bishop of Kampala, from1927 and in 1945 as Bishop of Warrington.

1959 Speech Day

Third Viscount Leverhulme, Philip Lever (1915-2000) was Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, 1949 to 1960 and owned the family estate at Thornton Manor, Wirral, Cheshire. He became Chancellor of University of Liverpool in 1980 to 1983. He died on 4 July 2000.

1960 Speech Day

James Laver (1899-1975) was an old boy of the school (1910-1917?) Second Lt., whose delayed education at Oxford was sponsored by Lawrence Holt. Joined the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1922 and took charge of the theatre and fashion collection becoming Keeper in 1938. He retired in 1958 and he died in 1975. (ODNB).

1961 Speech Day

Prof. Louis Rosenhead was father of L.I. old boy (1949-1955), Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead, LSE. He died on 10 Nov 1984.

1968 Speech Day

Prof. Alan Robertson was a chemist and specialist in animal breeding, and also an old boy (1930-1937?). He died in 1989.

1969 Speech Day

Prof Robert Steel was Head of the Geography Dept. and later Pro-Vice Chancellor of Liverpool University. In 1974 he was appointed Principal of the University College of Swansea (1974-1982) He died on 29 Dec. 1997.

1970 Speech Day

Roy Barter was a former member of this old boys group who gave the address. He died on 2 Feb. 2009.