Dr. Iain C. Taylor, PhD.

Honorary Senior Fellow
Department of Geography
University of Liverpool


A Short Biography

Iain Taylor left the Inny in 1961 and is a graduate of the University of Leeds, the University of Toronto and the University of Liverpool where in 1976 he obtained a PhD in Geography on the topic of public health, social structure and urban planning in the 19th Century.

Appointed Head, Social Sciences at the newly created Athabasca University in Edmonton, Alberta he became an associate professor and academic administrator at this adult, open university.

In 1991 he was appointed Chief Federal Geographer for Canada in Ottawa and later Manager of Conservation Programs for the Atlantic Canada in Environment Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he now lives next to the Atlantic Ocean.

His research and teaching interests lie in the areas of urban and social aspects of historical geography, cartography and in Third World adult education. He has provided consultation assistance on adult education and extension programs to several institutions and agencies in Africa and Asia.

Since he retired from full time employment with Canada's Federal Govt., he has been an adjunct professor at Carleton University (Ottawa), a Research Associate at Dalhousie and St. Mary's Universities, Halifax. Nova Scotia, an Adjunct Professor at John Moores University, Liverpool, expert witness to an Indian land claim in British Columbia, and more recently Honorary Senior Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool. He has published over 60 articles, chapters, research reports, teaching units, TV programs, papers, etc. and is working on research into Liverpool health and housing in the 19th century, the trans-Atlantic connection between the United Kingdom and Canada in the 1840s, as well as the history of the Liverpool Institute High School, 1935 to 1985,

He spends at least a month in Liverpool each university term.