•  1960 M6A2 
  •  1967 M6B2 

Form M6A2, 1960/61

11 Scholarships to Oxbridge in one year!

9 of them in Mathematics.

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Photo provided by Ian Howard

Back row (left to right):
Keith Corkish - Pete Rimmer - Kenneth McKelvie - Geoffrey Mordaunt - A. John Burgess - Philip C. Alper (6ASc2)

Front row (left to right):
Peter D. Smith - Ian C. Howard - R.P. Martineau - Fred Brierley - Jim Bradley - Ian C. Miller - Philip Mannheim - Jeff G. Smith

From the 1961 Magazines February and July:

  • P. C. Alper, an Open Exhibition in Natural Sciences at Selwyn College, Cambridge.
  • A. J. Burgess, an Open Scholarship in Mathematics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.
  • K. Corkish, an Open Scholarship in Mathematics at Hertford College, Oxford.
  • G. R. Mordaunt, an Open Scholarship in Mathematics at Oriel College, Oxford.
  • P. D. Mannheim, an Open Exhibition in Mathematics at New College, Oxford.
  • R. P, Martineau, an Abbott Scholarship in Mathematics, at Wadham College, Oxford.
  • I. S. Miller, an Open Scholarship in Mathematics at Christ Church, Oxford.
  • P. L. Rimmer, an Open Scholarship in Mathematics at Keble College, Oxford.
  • J. G. Smith, an Open Exhibition in Mathematics at Jesus College, Oxford.
  • P. D. Smith, an Open Exhibition in Mathematics at Baliol College, Oxford.
  • W. A. A. Thorn, an Open Scholarship in History at Exeter College, Oxford.

These successes bring the number of Scholarships and Exhibitions at Oxford and Cambridge this year to eleven, an achievement which is a record for the School.

Bill Grove writes:

This photo came from Ian C. Howard (54.3), via my good friend and his brother R.N. (Bob) Howard (56.3).

According to Ian Howard, he was the only one from this group who did not go to Oxford or Cambridge. There again, Ian is himself Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University. Wow! Some group!!

... and a bit later:

I've noticed the interloper Alper, too. Perhaps he "crossed the floor" during the year - or FB decided he needed to immerse himself in more "sums" to achieve his aims? Any road up, this must have been the famous year when Brierley's and Bradley's protégés broke all records for Oxbridge entries in the same subject from a single school. Even the Baz, an avowed classicist, was proud of the achievement. In the Lower School, we were just in awe!

Doug Whittaker writes:

I'll let you into a little secret about that maths group of over 10 who got scholarships to Oxbridge, all in one subject in one year.

At that time, university maths syllabuses were changing considerably, which led to the 'modern maths' in lower school teaching later. Fred Brierley knew that changes were on the cards, but he wasn't quite sure how.

One day in my Easter vacation at Liverpool, whilst I was studying at Oxford, a knock came on the front door of my parent's home in Dovecot. I opened the door, and to my surprise there was Fred Brierley. He asked me if he could borrow all my university notes, from lectures. He took them away and copied the whole lot, by hand, and then returned them to me a few days later. He said that this was so that he could get into the mind of the lectureres - those who set the scholarship entrance exams, so that he could foretell the type of questions to be expected.

Then he taught that highly successful M6A2 maths group.

Good for Fred - he went to the trouble of being a step ahead.

Philip Alper writes:

I found my photo of M6A2 (with me coming in from 6ASc2), and these are the signatures on my photo.

Form M6B2, 1967

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Photo provided by Dave Goodwin

Back row (left to right):
Mussel - Phil Barnett - Gerry Seiflow - Ken Bruce - Steve Cameron - Dick Jackson - Don Grundell - Dave Bruce - Bob Roberts

Front row (left to right):
Fred Philpott - Stewart - Neil Lewis - Dave Feintuck - Brian Cole - Steve Taylor - Dave Goodwin

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