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Absence Card

Book Plates

David Miller writes:

I'll hazard a guess that it was taken from the inside cover of a book given to the school by Alfred Holt (& Co) A.K.A. Blue Funnel Line of which Certum Pete Finem (Hold Course for Destination) was the motto.

The sconce in the top left hand corner of the page formed part of the coat of arms of one of his ancestors dating from The Visitation of London 1633-4 (Candleweeke Streete Ward) at which he was a judge at the Court of Common Pleas. The escutcheon in the top right hand corner of the design seems to bear the image of an ibex/heraldic antelope three of which appear on the Durning family crest. Alfred Holt's mother was Emma Durning.

Image provided by Austin Hughes

Membership Card

Provided by Richard Shannon

Pink Slip

Provided by Richard Shannon

Richard writes:

In the early 80s, if you had to leave school for any reason during the school day, you had to have a "pink slip" to hand into the front office on leaving the building. It was a very simple typed form, typed onto pink stock paper, three to a page of A4 and torn off, so the actual slip of paper you handed in is 1/3rd of A4.